A slow & simple life
Slow and Simple. Slow and Simple Space. Simplify your home and get more out of your life. Just get more space.
I help singles and familys to de-clutter, to clear their living space as a way to change their life from the outside in, inside out. When u get rid of the things u do not feel a happy connection to and only surround yourself with the things  u feel light around, your life changes in more ways than u can imagine before u have done such a, in many ways, drastic process.
This is an invitation to slow yourself down. To simplify and take deep breaths. To give yourself more space. You have this life, you have a certain time on this planet. How do you want to use your time: the seconds, minutes and hours? For me life is precious. How is it for you?

Slow and Simple offers de-cluttering and clearing of your home, and in a deeper sense your mind. As a tool to clear obstacles and fears around letting go I use Tapping ( Emotional Freedom Tecnique) or coaching.

We also have an old veteran bus just by a small forest, where u can take it slow and simple, settle, and sleep. Slow and Simple can be a conversation over a cup of tea, or just be over a cup of tea. Slow and Simple is also a web based shop with soft, natural, cozy and beautiful things. U can come now and then and touch the things in the shop by visiting a showroom in our bus. Slow and Simple can be words to reflect on, to play with. There is no limits. Be slow and simple with yourself. Effortless.